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The furnace can be designed with effective working volume minimal 0.15m3, suitable for the recovery of anode slime, PM-containing smelting slag, lead refining dross and all kinds of dust. It can also treat secondary material like scrap copper, WEEE/PCB/IC and etc.

Removing Dross

Dross is the impurity found in precious metals that must be removed so the metal can be used to create a thing of beauty. It is important to understand that the metal already has significant value before the dross is removed, but it's removal reveals the true value of the precious metal, which can then be molded into something of beauty and purpose.

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Rotary reverberatory furnace, also named as anode furnace, is especially used to treat copper scrap (Cu 92% and above) to get copper anode (Cu 99%), which can be further purified by electrorefining to produce 99.99% Cu cathode. The copper cathode can be processed by upward casting machine to standard copper rod.

Tilting aluminium dross rotary furnace

Tilting aluminium dross rotary furnace operation musts. 1 Must check the refueling of rotary furnace supporting rollers often, equipped with oil pump for the machine, press "pump on" button in the control cabinet, the refueling pump can refuel at the time setting. If the refueling pump is damaged, change it to manual refuel, the refueling ...

Aluminum Dross Furnace Salt Slags Processing

The salt slag generated ranges up to 35 pct of the melt charge in rotary furnaces. Higher quality scrap is melted in reverberatory furnaces, using a flux consisting of equal parts sodium chloride and potassium chloride with 2 to 5 pct cryolite. Dross from this type of furnace ranges up to 10 pct of the melt charge.

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melting oven, Stationary Melting furnaces, Tilting Rotary Furnaces, Top-cover kiln, regenerative tilting burner, regenerative stationary furnace c.DifferentShapesMeltingFurnac es: Round aluminum melting furnaces, Square melting furnaces, Rectangular melting oven, Vertical melting furnaces, shaft melting furnaces, Vertical cupola aluminum ...

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recover aluminum from dross, furnace skimmings, and slag. It requires wet milling, screening, drying, and finally magnetic separation to remove fluxing salts and other waste products from the aluminum.


Rotary tilting furnace: With the new model you can cast the metal by gravity directly in kettle or big mould. Improved metal yield and slag with a minimum of lead. Recycling starter batteries Dross engineering has developed an economical system that can handle 20 tons of batteries with 4 people per station of 8 hours.

Rotary Furnace - 35% Increased Melt Rate

The "FatBoy" tilting Rotary Furnace is a We design, fabricate, and install traditional complete Package Unit, "Plug & Play" tilting Rotary Furnaces of our design as well (Click Here to go to the "FatBoy" Rotary Page) as the "SuperMelt" rotary system with a

Recover, reduce, reuse: optimizing metal recoveries from dross

weighed to establish the weight of dross as well as the amount of metal captured in the drain pan below. • When cooled, the dross from each technology was placed in separate dross bunkers. • The dross was shipped to a separate facility where it was processed in a Tilting Rotary Furnace.

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aluminium technologies 6.10.2015 . Side-well reverbatory furnaces Side-well reverbatory ... emptying to remove slag or dross. If not removed immediately the slag or dross will harden ... of the furnace and cooled naturally before removing the former.

process of removing the dross or slag from the molten metal

Put the crucible in a furnace Heat to 1,100 degrees Celsius Dross will rise to the surface Periodically remove the crucible from the furnace and skim the impurities off the surface of the molten gold Stir the gold after each removal of dross and before returning it to the furnace Repeat this process until dross stops rising to the surface

Furnace Operations to Reduce Dross Generation

While it is generally acknowledged that dross generation should be kept to a minimum, too often, the importance of maximising the aluminium content of the dross is overlooked. Some mistakenly believe that a low metal content is a good thing and that the aluminium is being kept in the furnace. In reality, this metal is most likely being lost due to insufficient cooling and thermiting.


date back to 2006, when low salt 10 ton capacity rotary furnace had been used for a year in the company Confal Inc. We contacted the former researchers from the research center in Bridlicna and Dobris where they did the research work on the properties of aluminum dross taken from the salt rotary furnaces and on aluminum dross in general.

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The lead containing components are processed in blast furnaces for hard lead or rotary reverberatory furnaces for fine particles. The blast furnace is similar in structure to a cupola furnace used in iron foundries. The furnace is charged with slag, scrap iron, limestone, coke, oxides, dross, and reverberatory slag.


dross formation. Features of the Furnace ... Scrap Manager™ Rotary Furnace ... MODERN FURNACES FOR ALUMINUM SCRAP RECYCLING fiber gasket. The rate of flow from the tap can be controlled with a motorized device integrated with a level sensor mounted on the launder.

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The rotary furnace is designed for treatment and recovery of Lead from Lead Acid Batteries Scrap and for the reduction of Lead Sulphate, Lead Oxides, Lead Concentrates, Lead Dross and Lead Ore. Rotary Furnace will work at a temperature of about 1000-1200 C.

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Composition of each type of dross varies and is subjected to specific refining steps and raw material contents. Conversely, lead refining process are taken in account for the convenience of refining dross recovery. In general, the copper dross is treated by reverberatory furnace or rotary furnace.

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1. Minimise Dross Generation in the furnace 2. Consider dross skimming/cooling logistics 3. Rapid cooling and drain important –to maximise Al 4. Disconnect the dross generation process from the secondary dross processing 5. Remelt the Dross in a Tilt Rotary with Salt 6. Press and Rapidly cool the Salt Slag –maximise Al 7. Recycle Salt Slag ...

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Tilting Rotary Furnaces. The high performance tilting rotary furnace range from Melting Solutions represents the most effective melting furnace technology available in the market for processing mixed scrap and drosses.It is able to process many types of scrap including: • Drosses • Mixed scrap often with contamination (tense, taint, tabor etc).

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Oct 17, 2014· For metal scraps melting; dross recycling..etc. Extreme Dangerous Biggest Heavy Duty Hammer Forging Factory, Hydraulic Steel Forging Process - Duration: 14:02. Good Machine Recommended for you

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All Tilting Type Rotary Furnaces can melt without salt. Metal units, however, are lost in the process. Dry flux melting reduces the cost of purchasing and disposing of fluxes, less energy is also lost heating the flux with maximum metal recovery.

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Aluminium dross rotary furnace can reduce aluminum content in the aluminum dross from 40-60% to 15-17%, high aluminum recovery rate (about 80%). The dusts generated in the production process get controlled, not only reduce the working strength, but also improve the dross …

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May 29, 2011· trial production of the rotary furnace. it is used for recovering the lead content from the scrap batteries, and other lead scrap like cables.