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Germanium transistor overdrive to fuzz pedal. Excelent! Superb germanium transistor based pedal. Classic vintage tones ranging from overdrive to fuzz, producing some of the warmest vatiety of tones you'll ever hear. If you are a tweak fan, this pedal is for you.

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Apr 02, 2011· I have been doing a lot of reading on the transistors that were used in the Vintage Fuzz pedals. I was wondering what are some of your favorite NPN Silicon transistors, for those of you that build FUZZ pedals? I am also researching a lot of the old PNP Germanium transistors as well.

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Handpicked germanium transistors for solid fuzz tone: Germanium fuzz pedals are highly sought after because they sound better if the transistors which cause the fuzz effect have very specific properties. For the 1948, each germanium transistor is measured one at a time and the best ones are used in a fuzz face style circuit.

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Some will prefer Germanium transistors, while others will gladly skip them and embrace the Silicone. If you are in the market for a good fuzz stomp box, and you prefer Germanium ones, we have combed over the market so you don't have to. What we found three models that we feel are the best Germanium fuzz stomp boxes on the market at the moment.

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Jul 05, 2010· If you are into pedal building / mods you can try running a germanium diode from the Base "pointing" to the Emitter of the transistor. This could be tricky to do-take precautions from overheating the the transistor. Maybe you can get transistor sockets, and leads from both the Ge transistor and the Ge diode will fit into the socket.

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The fuzz pedals for those who can't decide whether they want a silicon or a Germanium transistor fuzz. These are hybrid 2 transistor circuits that comes loaded with a silicon transistor in the 1st gain stage, and a Germanium transistor in the 2nd gain stage. This gives you the best of both worlds… More Info

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If you're chasing a more vintage-tinged fuzz tone, free from the harsh bite and generally "buzzier" sound than current silicon-based pedals, a great germanium fuzz pedal is what you're after. Germanium fuzzes, while harder to design due to the general instability wide tolerances of the transistors themselves, are notoriously smoother and softer ...

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RCA 2N270 GERMANIUM VINTAGE FUZZ PEDAL TRANSISTOR. $17.99. Free shipping. Make Offer - RCA 2N270 GERMANIUM VINTAGE FUZZ PEDAL TRANSISTOR. 5 Pieces | SK3004 UNMARKED PNP Germanium Transistor Equiv: NTE102A ECG102A. $19.95.

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They should be germanium if you want to get the classic 60's/70's "soft" distortion. Silicon has been used, and many people like the harsher clipping, but it is a different sound. Among germanium transistors, many type numbers (see the list below) are possible candidates for FF circuits and clones.

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What is the Best Fuzz Pedal – In Detail Germanium vs Silicon Description. By Screamin' Seth W, Ph.D. The fuzz pedal is surrounded in mystique and legend, from specially selected pedals for Hendrix to expensive, no longer stocked transistors originally made in the 60s.So what is the best fuzz pedal?

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About JDM Pedals. We use selected vintage transistors, both Germanium and Silicon, paired with modern, high-tolerance capacitors and resistors. Our pedals feature hand-finished enclosures, silk screened graphics, and hand wired circuit boards. All potentiometers are wired NOT connected to the circuit board!

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Nov 15, 2017· If you're looking for classic fuzz tone, nine fuzz freaks out of ten will tell you it has got to be germanium. Not only is the germanium transistor viewed as the warm, furry beating heart of myriad '60s fuzzboxes and booster pedals, it's also considered a must-have ingredient in countless high-end recreations of these aural delights.

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Keeley Fuzz Bender 3 Transistor Hybrid Fuzz Pedal (White) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. More Buying Choices $149.00 (1 new offer) Dunlop FFM2 Red GERMANIUM FUZZ FACE MINI Pedal w/ 9V Power Supply and Patch Cables. 4.7 out of 5 stars 4. $129.99 $ …

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What is a germanium transistor? The common transistor types used in guitar pedals are silicon and germanium. Most germanium transistor production ceased in the 1970s in favor of silicon which are more stable, consistent, have higher gain, and lower leakage. But many people to this day favor germanium transistors in fuzz pedals because of ...

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Jul 27, 2018· Many effect pedal manufacturers have also started to release fuzz pedals that once again make use of germanium transistors. To get the germanium fuzz sound in an effect pedal today you can check out the Havalina, 69 mkII, and Buffalo FX Germanium Fuzz. The problems with germanium transistors are many.

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1 AC125 PNP Germanium transistor, new old stock, made by Tungsram. They are a direct substitute for OC81d and work great in fuzz pedals. Gain range is 60-130, so they are right in the fuzz face range.

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The Fuzz Face is a distortion guitar pedal designed in London by Arbitrer Electronics Ltd in the autumn of 1966. This analysis covers the first Arbitrer Fuzz Face model equipped with PNP germanium transistors from the first releases.

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Classic '60s Germanium transistor overdrive and more. In addition to a Gain control, the Electro-Harmonix Germanium OD allows the user to control Bias for attack and the circuit Volts for that sweet spot found when a battery's voltage dips. Dial up that slightly torn speaker sound OR dial in total ...

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Jun 26, 2019· My interest in fuzz pedal came from JMI Tone Bender III reissue which belongs to a friend. this pedal has 3 of OC75 glass tube transistors. And, unfortunately, My Sola Sound Bum Fuzz came with 3 of NPN transistors while OC75 is PNP type. then found this web page with germanium and silicone transistor lists […]

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Aug 13, 2013· All the germanium transistors I have tested, some NOS from my parts stash, and some bought as 'suitable for building a Fuzz Face' have huge levels of leakage. I do wonder whether the majority of germanium transistors when new also had these levels of leakage, or whether any surviving unused NOS germaniums have become more leaky over the years.